Residential Eating Disorder Treatment

Eating disorders are complex mental health conditions that need to be cared for with a multidisciplinary approach to treatment. Anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge-eating disorder involve symptoms that can cause significant psychological distress and a great deal of harm to the overall physical wellbeing of those who suffer from these disorders. Therefore, if an individual only receives mental health treatment or medical care for an eating disorder, there is a high likelihood that that person will suffer a relapse and engage in the self-destructive thought processes and behavior patterns that are cornerstone to these mental illnesses.

Harmony Point Treatment Centers, a network of eating disorder treatment providers, offer the comprehensive multidisciplinary care that is needed to help adolescents and adults overcome all types of eating disorders. This care includes effective and innovative programming options that have helped countless individuals successfully recover from eating disorders and co-occurring mental health conditions and substance use disorders. Among the treatment options available, Harmony Point’s residential treatment services have made the network a leader in caring for those who wish to defeat anorexia, bulimia, and binge-eating disorder.

The residential care offered at each of Harmony Point’s centers offers clients the opportunity to step away from the stressors of everyday life and fully immerse themselves in the healing process. Carolina House, located in Durham, North Carolina; Center for Hope of the Sierras, located in Reno, Nevada; and Montecatini, located in Carlsbad, California, all provide unique therapeutic experiences that also allow clients to gain the recovery skills and confidence required to prevent relapse long after completing residential treatment.

The following describes the residential care offered at Harmony Point Treatment Centers:

Carolina House

Situated on 10 serene acres, Carolina House supplies residential treatment for female adolescents and adults, aged 17 and older. This center features a variety of treatment methods, including medication management services, individual and family therapy, nutrition and culinary therapy, family therapy, various group therapy opportunities, experiential therapy, and mindfulness-based therapies. Medical staff is also on hand at this center to address and treat the medical needs and conditions that exist alongside or have become apparent as a result of the presence of an eating disorder. Those who chose Carolina House for their eating disorder treatment needs will embark on a truly unique recovery journey. This DBT-based program will assist clients in untangling the distorted thinking that is associated with eating disorders, while helping them reestablish a healthy relationship with food and themselves.

Center for Hope of the Sierras

For female adolescents and adults who are age 16 or older, Center for Hope of the Sierras offers a residential treatment program that is one of the country’s only providers of specialized care for individuals suffering from co-occurring diabetes and eating disorders, also known as diabulimia. Center for Hope prides itself in being a top-notch residential treatment provider and includes a vast array of psychological and medical interventions that are geared towards helping individuals overcome eating disorders and co-occurring mental illnesses and substance abuse problems. Therapists and social workers lead individual and group therapy sessions and experiential therapies are available to help clients be more attuned with the mind/body connection. In selecting Center for Hope of the Sierras for residential care, clients can feel confident in knowing that each one of their treatment needs will not only be met, but exceeded through this exemplary program.


By implementing treatment methods that care for the mind, body, and spirit, Montecatini has become synonymous with truly effective residential care for eating disorders and co-occurring mental health conditions. Female adolescents and adults, aged 16 to 55, who long for the support and care that will lead them towards long-term recovery from such afflictions can engage in Montecatini’s residential program and start their new beginnings. Multiple individual therapy sessions per week, weekly family therapy, daily group therapy opportunities, and a myriad of experiential therapies are what encompass the truly holistic care at Montecatini. Additionally, clients can meet with a psychiatrist for any medication needs and have ongoing access to dieticians who can aid in helping clients learn healthy eating habits. By engaging in residential treatment at Montecatini, female adolescents and adults can acquire the skills needed to live the happy lives they deserve to be living.

The staff at each of these three centers works closely with clients and delivers treatment with an unparalleled dedication to helping those who chose to heal at a Harmony Point Treatment Center. Comprised of physicians, physiatrists, nurse practitioners, nurses, therapists, social workers, dieticians, and other specialized personnel, these same staff members are the individuals who maintain the clinical excellence and superior client care that has made Harmony Point a leader in residential eating disorder treatment.

To learn more about these programs or to determine if the care at a Harmony Point Treatment Center is right for you or a loved one, feel free to contact us at your convenience. The start to a healed, happy, and healthy life is but a phone call away.

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